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Photographer in Spring TX

I do Family, Maternity, Engagement, and senior photos

Hey Y'all!
My name is Bailey Challans and my passion is to help you capture your family's special moments. What I love about photography is that you have the opportunity to freeze time and share your special moment for generations to come. Learn more about how I can help you and your family capture these precious moments!

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Invest in your family legacy

Memories are worth everything

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Our kids grow up so fast. Don't let these moments slip away. Memories may fade but your photos will always be therE; carrying your most precious life moments.

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Family is one of the most important things in this life. What better way to preserve your family than a family photo? Pictures never grow or get older; cherish every stage of your family by booking a session today!



Your pregnancy is so precious and only lasts for a short time. Recommended for around week 36 to get that gorgeous bump! Don't miss any of these wonderful moments; book a heartwarming session today!



The two shall become one. -Mark 10:8

Engagement is the start to the rest of your lives together. Capture how your journey started and show your grandkids what eternal love looks like by booking a session today!



You did it! What an accomplishment it is to graduate! You should be proud of yourself and showoff how great you are. Capture one of the proudest moments of your young life by booking a session today!

Why hire a family photographer?

this time with your kids is so important

As a family photographer I have spent time and money educating myself on how to best serve your family by capturing who you are in a timeless photograph. iPhone pictures are great for those quick moments on the go, but a family photographer goes the extra mile to make sure your picture is worth hanging on a wall! We all want high quality pictures where we look and feel our best and that is why I love what I do!

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